Our Stallions

          Riftswood Rembrandt  32.75"  (Skunky's Charger x Peanut Buttercup)

Remi- sorrel and white pinto, he has been with me since 3 years old, he is now 19 and still going strong. He is a boisterous little fellow, but a gentleman to handle and breed with. He is a size reducer and does produce the pinto pattern and also carries the silver gene. His foals are very friendly and have nice dispositions.   Remi was laid to rest June 29, 2015.  I miss him so much!


Mcbunz King of Cool  33"   (Tamaracs Golden Mirage X McBunz Orient Express)

  Bucky- as I call him came to live with us in Feb. 2010. He has an old pedigree with Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy as his Great Grandfather on his sires side. and going back to Orion Light Vant Huttenest on his dam's side. He is a solid dun, with the dorsal stripe and leg bars, he has no white at all so whether we get any pintos from him remains to be seen. He is a nice little guy and so far is easy to deal with. So far he seems to be a size reducer and is producing mostly dun colored foals.


 JEM Little Benny At Knotty Pines   AMHR 318962T  32"

Benny- My newest addition for a future stallion prospect. This colt has some of the best bloodlines in the industry, going back to Boone's Little Buckeroo on both sides, and Little King's Buck On Broadway (HOF) as his great grandsire both top and bottom. He also goes back to Rowdy in the Rowbuck line. This little boy is very refined and upheaded and comes from a long line of top driving horses.

Thankyou Bartkewich Miniatures for entrusting this colt with me.


Tracey Maggie Bandit                      (Pearl Creeks A Tres Too White X Whirl Winds Maggie May)
Bandy--is a son of Tracey and came to live with me in 2014 as a yearling. He is one of my future herd sires, He is what some people call a Tri-Color, to me he is a seal brown/white overo. I run him with a few of my mares this summer, so will see what he produces in the spring.
 Cyrsons Sweet William 33"   AMHA reg.     AMHR reg. 307900


(CN Easterbrook Farms Dreamaker X Egyptian King Serenity)

Little Chief- as I call him came to live with me  as my new herd stallion. He has  a pedigree going back to Egyptian King, Toyhorse and Bond Dapper Dan to name a few. He has a very nice disposition and seems to be a fast learner. He has his first foals on the ground and they are both red/white pintos. He is a sorrel pinto with 2 blue eyes, and is double registered.

Chief is for Sale! $800.00       SOLD



 JEM Apollo at Knotty Pines        AMHR  311489T

 Future Stallion Prospect  


 (Silver Plate White Lightning X JEM Odette) 

 Apollo- This is my future Stallion Prospect. I just love the head on this little guy he has such an intelligent bright eye. I'm hoping he will mature into a very refined and beautiful Stallion. He is palomino and has a small star on his forehead.  His pedigree goes back to Boone's Little Buckeroo on both sides and his dam also goes back to old Rowdy, so lots of good stuff in there. He also goes back to Gold Melody Boy and Johnstons Vanilla. A very productive little boy, siring his first foal at 11 months old (bad boy) as a result I have a smokey-cream pinto filly I can't reg.     

Thanks to Bartkewich Miniatures for entrusting me with this colt.  

Apollo is for Sale  $500.00     SOLD



 JEM Starbuck At Knotty Pines  AMHR 318967T


Little Red- half brother to Benny above came to me from Bartkewich Miniatures as a buddy for Benny, at the time he had an injured eye so we weren't sure how that would turn out, but it has healed nicely and he can see with it again. Such a nice little guy and a sweet disposition too. He will be a stallion prospect here until he matures, then I will decide whether to keep him for a stallion or find him a nice home, he will make a beautiful driving horse someday.

 SOLD  Congratulations Donna on the purchase of this nice little fellow!






Pearl Creek's A Tres Too White  (Tracy)  35"

Since I have a few of Tracy's daughters and couldn't make myself sell him, I decided last fall to geld him and hopefully this summer resume his driving training.  I just love this boy and even though he has some age on him he still should make a great driving horse like his half brother LTD Red Cloud.

Tracy is for sale $300.00             SOLD


Knotty Pines P & T Mister Man  (Tracy X Peanut)  33.5"

Mister-Born May 18/09 I believe he will stay under 34", very nice disposition and easy to work with. I might break him for a team mate for Sassy, haven't decided yet. He could be a silver black pinto but looks more like a dun with his line back. He has 2 blue eyes like his daddy. Lots of go! Started on ground driving.

 Mister is for sale  $400.00       SOLD