Stallion Pedigrees

           Sure Fire

      Skunky's Charger 31"


Riftswood Rembrandt

           L.J. Pride Piper 32"

        Peanut Buttercup 34"

            Peanuts 34"

              Blues Golden Boy 31.75"

         Tamaracs Golden Mirage 31"

             Tamarac Desert Wind 33.75" 

McBunz King of Cool 33.5"

              Tammy's Blizzard 29.25"

          McBunz Orient Express 33.50"

               Sheep Meadow Pippit 33.75"

             Little Kings Buckeroo God 34"

         Ben Addiction by George (HOF) 33"

            Rowbuck Benefit of Broadway 33"

JEM Little Benny at Knotty Pines

            Lucky Harts Be Bob N' Bobby (HOF) 35.5"

                       JEM China Doll 35"   

             Fine China 36.75"

(Future Stallion Prospect)

           LTD's Two Tone Trigger

  Pearl Creek's A Tres Too White

           Blue Ridge Hiawatha Tracy Maggie Bandit

           Mini Acre's Snoopy 32.25"

        Whirl Wind's Maggie May

            Mist's Dawn 35.75"

(Future Stallion Prospect)