This page is being dedicated to my late husband Ross, and to some of my four legged friends that have crossed over the" Rainbow Bridge!"

       In loving memory of Ross McLeod   (Aug. 30, 1921 - Sept. 10, 1992)

My dearly beloved husband of 29 years!

Several years have passed by, and its lonely here without you,

For life is not the same to me, since you were called away,

If I could have one wish, or one dream that could come true,

I'd pray to God, with all my heart, that you could be here with me,

I often lay awake at night, when everyone else is asleep, And take a ride down memory lane, with tears in my eyes,

Remembering you is easy, I do it every day, but missing you is a heartache that never goes away.

                 Forever remembered and sadly missed by his  faithful wife,  Carole!



Ross with his favorite horse Rusty! 


In loving memory of my Sweet Willow   (July 18, 1995 - Jan. 16, 2007)

Lil Amego's Willow- Willow was the sweetest little miniature mare and was my favorite of the bunch. She was taken away so cruelly by a pack of wolves in the night, probably trying to protect the herd as she so often did. I miss her terribly and cried so hard when I found she was gone!

                           "Rest in peace my sweet girl!"

In memory of Cinder  (May 1976 - Nov. 2001)

The last of my own breeding. Cinder was born to my old saddle mare Chubby, on Mother's Day 1976. We broke her to ride at 3 years old and many trails I rode her on over the years, she was always ready and willing right to the end! One of my last rides on her was the Buck Mountain Trail Ride in June 2001, she was 25 years old and still going strong, passing everything on the trail. This mare had a wonderful gait and I come to realize she was doing the Indian Shuffle. What a ride. I lost her in the winter of 2001. She was a very faithful saddle horse as was her brother Cody before her.


In memory of Riftswood Diamond Jim  (May 20, 1989 - Aug. 4, 2008)

Jay was a sweet little stallion, only 30" tall, he gave me some very nice foals over the years that I owned him. I have 3 of his daughters to remember him through. Due to a problem with his teeth, I had to have him put to sleep, this was a very tough decision, but no other remedy, as he had teeth missing and couldn't get the nutrition he needed from his food and was going downhill. He is sadly missed and hopefully is in a field of nice green grass with a good set of teeth,  on the other side of the Bridge.

              "Adios  my little friend!"

In memory of Kjelsii

 I bought Kjelsii (Norwegian Elkhound) in 2005 at 4 years of age from a lady in Saskatoon, she had been a City dog at that time. But the change to country living didn't take her long and by two weeks she had made herself to home, she loved my cats and they her. She also loved being with the horses and always was excited when a new foal was born.

On January 7, 2010 Kjelsii fell victim to a wolf. She managed to get away but only lived for about 24 hours as she was pretty badly ripped up. I will miss this gal very much, as she was very  special in her own way.

She had a bad habit of laying in the middle of the intersection at my driveway, I think she was so used to the open prairie, that she had to get on the road so she could see farther. Everyone that drove by was very good about driving around her, and this is a busy road, so needless to say it worried me that she might get run over, not dreaming a wolf would be her demise. Rest in peace my girl!

In memory of Riftswood Rembrandt

Its with a sad heart that I am writing this, because it means my dear sweet old boy has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Remi was 23 years old when he  was laid to rest on the 29th of June 2015. He was my very first miniature stallion whom I bought as a 3 year old. I miss him so much.