Our Mares

     Blessed Are The Broodmares!

     Oh how I love that expression! Where would we be without our Broodmares?         In order to have a good breeding program, you have to have good solid conformation in your broodmares as they are the foundation that you build on.

       Millies Honey Bun    38"       (Drummer Boy X Rosie)


Honey, my first minature broodmare, she is now 27 years old and still going strong. I have only bred her to Riftswood Rembrandt and have kept all but one of her fillies. She has always had a surprise for me when she foaled as she always has a different color each time. She is a wonderful old broodmare and is my best bud!

Carmacs Clarie For Sure Honey  36"   (Riftswood Rembrandt X Millies Honey Bun)


Peanut- is my first foal from Honey and my very first miniature foal. She is very special to me, Peanut was born on my mom's birthday,  my mom had always wanted minis, but passed away before Peanut was born.  So I named her for my mom. She is a silver bay pinto. She has always produced color for me.

Carmacs Lil Blue Eyed Darlin  34"   (Riftswood Diamond Jim X Lil Amego's Willow)


Blue Eyes has 2 beautiful blue eyes. She is the first foal from my sweet little Willow. Bluesy is a sweet little mare and always has the nicest disposition foals. She is black/white and  usually has black/white foals,  but her last foal was a sorrel/white colt. Bluesy is a great granddaughter of Prince Tennessee.

Knotty Pines Moonlight Melody  36"  (Riftswood Rembrandt X Millie's Honey Bun)

Melody- what a surprise when she was born, I was not expecting a black/white foal from Remi and Honey, and for it to be a filly was a bonus for sure. She has a very sensible disposition and keen to learn. I showed her in 2009 for the first and only time and she took Grand Champion Senior Mare, she had never been off the place. She is a nice solid built mare.  

Knotty Pines Mokey's Little Angel   (Riftswood Diamond Jim X Lil Amegos Moca)

Angel- not exactly as the name implies! She is Mokey's first filly after 4 colts, I was pleasantly surprised when she came as a black/white with 2 blue eyes.  Her great grandsire is Prince Tennessee Monashee.

Angel is bred to my dun stallion Buck, for a 2016 foal and is for sale!  $600.00 firm.


Knotty Pines Special Glory 35.5"  (Riftswood Diamond Jim X Peanut)

Glory- A very nice black/white mare, from my Peanut.  Glory is a wonderful little mother. She is also a great granddaughter of Prince Tennessee. Nice well balanced mare.

Sold !    Congratulations Donna on the purchase of this sweet little mare!

Knotty Pines Morning Star 37"  (Riftswood Rembrandt X Millies Honey Bun)


Star-another beautiful little mare from Honey and Remi, bright red sorrel. Star has a very sweet disposition, very friendly and likes attention, loves her scratches. She had a very rough start in life but finally took hold and soon transformed into a gorgeous little filly. She had her first foal  in 2009, a nice sorrel/white filly with the sweetest disposition ever. Star is a full sister to Peanut and Melody.


Knotty Pines Sweet 'N' Sassy  35"  (Lil Paint Well Dun X Peanut)


Sassy- as her name implies, she is a sweet and sassy little girl and would stay right with you if possible, the closer the better. She has a very nice disposition. Sassy has changed from the bright red sorrel/white she was born, to a silver sorrel/white. She is everyone's favorite. I broke her to drive in 2009 and took her in the parade the next  summer and also entered her in the Rocky Show. She is an awesome little horse to show and to drive.

 Knotty Pines Shallimar Breeze      (Remi x Honey)


Breezey-nice palomino filly from my old Honey (her last foal). Breezey has  a very nice disposition like her full sisters. One of my young up and coming future driving horse and brood mare.

Knotty Pines Miss Ebony Moon          (Tracy x Melody)


Button-so far she is my little Button. This little filly is Melody's first foal and from Tracy, was hoping for some pinto markings but she is solid black, very friendly sweet little filly.

Button is bred for a 2015 foal and is for sale! $600.00 firm.

Button had a nice black filly this spring and both have been sold.

Congratulations Donna on your purchase of these two nice mares.


 Gallant Lena Too Penny          (North Stars Gallant Moment x Lil Paint Lena Too


Penny-This filly came to live with me when she was 2 years old. A very friendly little girl that might make a driving mate for Sassy.

This little mare is a great granddaughter of Orion Light Vant Huttenest, I'm hoping for some nice foals from her in the future.

Knotty Pines Miss Snippette             (Remi x Blue Eyes)


Snippette-Blue Eyes second filly and from Remi, a very sweet little filly and very refined. 


Knotty Pines Dreamy-  Chief X Star

Dreamy is a 3 year old sorrel pinto.

Dreamy is 33 1/2" tall, quite short in body, very nice head and quiet disposition.

Dreamy was exposed to Buck for a 2016 foal. She is for Sale.  $600.00