FOALS 2015

These are my 2015 foals, was not a good foaling year, lost 2 foals at birth, but these two make up for the loss, they are sweeties.

Left is a filly from Penny X Buck

Right is a filly from Button X Chief    SOLD

Foals 2014

Foaling for 2014 was uneventful and all went well. We have 3 foals, 2 studs and one filly. I will be offering the filly and buckskin colt for sale at weaning in Oct.

Knotty Pines ?  Filly

Born April 24, 2014

Buck X Breeze

Nice correct little dun filly. Sold!

Knotty Pines Cool Dude (Pend)

Born: May 6, 2014  Stud

Buck X Star

Nice buckskin colt.

For Sale: $300.00


Knotty Pines Choco Latte (pend)

Born: May 20,2014  stud

Buck X Peanut

Dark chocolate pinto


                 FOALS 2013

 Have finished foaling for this year and babies are all nice healthy boys and are for sale, will be weaned about Thanksgiving weekend.


These are my 3, 2013 foals, all boys!

All Sold!