Getting Started - Driving Trainees



This is Knotty Pines Sweet 'N' Sassy in her bitting rig in the round pen, learning the basics of driving.  Sept.27/09



       Trainee #2


This is Knotty Pines Honey's Joker, 3 year old gelding in his bitting rig in the round pen, learning the basics of driving. Sept. 27/09

Knotty Pines Sweet 'N Sassy




This is Sassy and her first time hooked to the cart.




This is Sassy's test drive, she is doing really well and I have driven her several times now.

Nov. 19-09

Knotty Pines Honey's Joker




This is Joker hooked to the cart after I had taken him for his test drive, he is also doing very well, it snowed the next day about a foot and I don't have a sleigh so will have to wait till the snow is gone to drive him more.

Nov. 29-09


Update on Sassy

Here are some pictures of Sassy taken this summer, top left is her first drive this year on July 7/10, top right is in the Buck Lake Rodeo Parade on July 10/10. Bottom left is driving at Minis In Motion Show Aug. 7 & 8/10, bottom right is in halter classes, this is a very versatile little mare.

Update on Joker

Got Joker driving again for the first time this year about Aug. 20/10 he was doing really well and such a nice horse to drive, very smooth gaited, I really enjoyed driving him, but a lady wanted to buy him, so on Sept. 1/10 I sold him to Linda Spahr of Tofield, Alberta and now she is enjoying him very much and has taken him to a few events already. Here are some pictures of Linda driving him. The first one is her first drive at home, second one is her first Show with him and the 3rd one is at a Driving Clinic.