Quotes HI Carole I was just reading this Testimonial page and realized that I never added a comment about Nicky. It has been years seen I bought Nicky from you and I never really told you how grateful I am. He has done everything I ever asked of him. He has won many, many events and is quite a show off these days. He has taught many people how to drive and have fun doing it. Lots of horses can do one or two things well, but he is great it all. He is a keeper! Lorna Quotes
Lorna Killingbeck
Nicky the Great!

Quotes I absolutely love the harness Carole made for display and I picked up at her house when I got JJ (Joker)! The white and black looks so great on him, compliments his color and I get lots of comments on it! Thank you Carole!! I could see getting another to make it a team harness. Hugs! Quotes
Linda Spahr

Quotes Joker sure looks great in that white and black harness. My guy, Cool eye Joe is doing great and looks like he may end up at about 33 1\2 inches tall. Making him in the right height range to drive with Bling and Nicky. Joe is out with my Arab weanlings and thinks he's the big man on campus. Thanks for all your help and advice over the years. Look forward to more horsing around when the temperature cooperates. See you soon. Quotes
Lorna Killingbeck
Great little horses, couldn't be happier

Quotes Hi Carole! I wanted to thank you for all your hard work with Angel's fly mask and sheet - both of them fit perfectly! I SOO appreciate you doing that for her. I will get you out a check for the postage soon too. Thanks again for your generosity and kindness. I will have to get a picture of her sporting her things - she is funny about the fly mask as you would imagine :o) Today is pouring rain which has been par for the course this summer! Sandy and Angel Quotes
Sandy Kemp
Appreciate it

Quotes GOOD looking bridle!! Carole made me one in purple!! I love the color options that Carole gives us!! Tami Quotes
Tami Hedges
Happy customer

Quotes Well It fits like it was made just for her! ! oh, that's right.. it was ! ! ! It is lovely and so soft. I am very impressed with the quality of work in it.. Dottie wore it this a.m.and we did about 25 miniutes of ground driving. She did so well, that I put her up before we hit a bad note.. she got her NEW bridle on this eve. and stood for pix.. not the best, as it is dark here now.. and I just came in.. But you get the idea of how nice it fits and how pretty she is.. THANK YOU CAROLE ! ! ! <\___~ HUGGLES.. // \\ Jeanne Beth Murphy Quotes
Jeanne Murphy
Very Impressed

Quotes Romie gets a package from CANADA! ! ! He has a new fly mask, made by our own Carole M . It is a BOY mask done in blue and grey edges.. just wonderful.. and has a nose flap... to keep his tiny snoot from sunburning any longer.. It is tan finally..(His nose not the mask.. He tried it on tonight and it is perfect... See Romie. See Romie with his mask on.. See Romie model the mask.. Too bad you could not see Romie making faces! ! ! And snorting! ! He was sooooo funny ! ! ! <___ huggles..="huggles.." _="_" jeanne="jeanne" beth="beth" murphy="murphy" textarea="textarea"></___> Quotes
Jeanne Murphy
Romie gets a package from